(Photos have been changed to protect identities.)


Canada | Ministry Leader

Before I started coaching with Shaneen, I couldn’t tell the truth from the lies. I desperately wanted to believe that the toxic patterns and lifestyle I was in were not my forever story, but I felt lost, hopeless, discouraged, and crazy. When I “stumbled” over Shaneen’s videos on you-tube, I felt seen & heard by God. Finally, there was someone out there that was offering a God-perspective of hope to my newly discovered Narcissistic situation! And Shaneen backed up her teaching with Scripture which was unbelievably refreshing to me.

When I started my 12 weeks of coaching with Shaneen, I felt a new freedom in my life - like I didn’t have to try to explain myself to someone who didn’t understand. I felt understood by someone who was skilled with Narcissistic patterns. I finally felt like I wasn’t crazy. It was a safe place to lay everything out that I had been holding in for decades ...a safe place to cry, laugh, and be real without being judged. A place of hope.

Every week I felt like I had someone cheering me on as I practiced new habits of relating. I felt like I could hang in there one more day until I could talk to Shaneen, instead of exploding at my husband or just abandoning my desires and caving in one more time. And her coaching time was very affordable. I felt like when Shaneen said yes to helping me navigate my toxic situation and that was the first step to freedom and a new season of life. I finally acknowledged that my situation was real and I needed help with it.

Shaneen became a friend over those 12 weeks, and her advice and counsel, and compassionate voice that is filled with wisdom continues to echo in the walls of my head and my heart as I continue to practice the new lifestyle and truths that she helped me discover and embrace. And the gift of having access to her video blogs is priceless. She has such a download of wisdom that I know comes straight from the heart of God ... it is refreshing and solid and life-transforming.


New York | CEO & Founder of a NonProfit Organization and Social Worker

Shaneen is an incredibly powerful woman. She has offered wisdom and guidance that has fully exceeded my expectations. Not only does Shaneen help me manage my relationship with a narcissistic person but she empowers me with applicable tools to navigate the challenges of life.

Shaneen is a spiritual Jedi. She is guided by the light of Christ and embodies a deep level of compassion, courage, and forgiveness.

Shaneen has taught me how to lower my anxiety when dealing with a highly unpredictable person and to navigate the relationship with grace, courage, and forgiveness. This has allowed me to lower my anxiety overall, increased my sense of peace, and given me more courage and confidence.

Shaneen is truly the best mentor, teacher, and counselor I have ever had. I can't recommend her enough.

She is simply a gift to anyone who is seeking to cultivate more courage, deeper spiritual growth, and increase their ability to navigate life's challenges.


North Carolina | Software Engineer and Marine Veteran

Working with Shaneen has been a game-changer. Over a year ago, I was dealing with some very difficult and abusive personalities. I knew something was off, and I needed help navigating various situations. I came across Shaneen's YouTube channel and knew almost immediately that she could help me navigate the very trying people and circumstances. In fact, as we started working together, she helped me go far beyond and deeper than that, addressing long-standing issues that were leaving the door open in my life to bad actors.

Over the past year of working with Shaneen, I have experienced nothing short of a massive and blessed turnaround. G-d has really used Shaneen to help me see the truth in wisdom of many patterns in my life and to make a plan for growth and positive change. Now, I have mostly resolved the very trying issues that were plaguing me, made many practical life changes that will draw me closer to G-d and the relationships that matter most in my life, and embarked on an entirely new career successfully.

If you have read this far, just do it -- work with Shaneen and be prepared for massive blessings and changes in your life as well.


New Jersey | Social Worker

What was my life like before I started coaching with Shaneen? After living through a 31-year narcissistic relationship, my healing process was stuck 6 years after discard and divorce. I continued to experience emotional pain and despair, despite utilizing numerous healing methods, including books, youtube videos, online support groups, and counseling, both Christian and secular.

Coaching with Shaneen was different - she brought to the table the perfect balance of her knowledge and expertise in narcissistic abusive relationships and her strong Christian faith with applicable biblical references. Shaneen’s coaching validated the real trauma that I had experienced while helping me to discover eye-opening relevance from my own personal background, prior to my narcissistic relationship, even back to my childhood.

Shaneen’s unique coaching is a multi-faceted approach, incorporating a series of modules that consisted of videos and exercises in addition to valuable one on one time with her. It is a well-developed process that is more like a journey from a dark place where hope seems far off to a place where light and hope can be seen and appear attainable.

Shaneen’s compassion, and her ability to relate, and offer real hope, with God being the central driving force truly helped me begin to move forward in my healing journey in just a few sessions. My experience with Shaneen as a coach was truly beneficial, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her coaching to anyone in need.


Colorado | Holistic Health Trainer

I found Shaneen’s youtube videos on narcissism at a time when my life was in shambles due to divorcing a narcissist. He had called me the narcissist, and so to better understand if I was, I researched what one was.

From the moment I watched the first video of Shaneen, I was drawn in by her incredible depth of understanding of the mind, behavior, and motives of a narcissist. While I had learned other dynamics from other experts in the field, what drew me to Shaneen was her biblical perspective on these individuals. Her wisdom and perspective, due to her faith, offer a unique gift that few offer to help navigate someone to healing who has been abused by a narcissist.

As I watched almost every video she put out, I privately contacted her to see if I could receive coaching from her. With great anticipation, she responded and had a slot opening for me. During one the bleakest, darkest, most painful times in my life, Shaneen was able to speak sound wisdom, encouragement, guidance, compassion, gentleness, patience, and a true embodiment of love to me when I most needed it. She helped me find hope when all I saw was despair.

For anyone going through a life transition in general, but especially tailored towards one that involves a narcissist, there is no one I could recommend more. She is truly set apart and you will be blessed by her.


Georgia | Senior Pastor

I was in an abusive marriage for thirty-one years. I was at the end of my rope and battling much shame.

Going through this coaching with Shaneen has taught me that the abuse was not my fault! I fell down so many times, and she slowly talked me into getting back up. She showed me that God is a compassionate and forgiving God. Even when we fall, it's possible to rise again!

Shaneen, as a coach, feels like a guardian angel sent directly to me from heaven. She relates her past life to show me, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!" My experience with her is priceless and has been and will continue to be such a blessing to me!

Without a doubt, God sent her into my life. Her calm, non-judgmental voice is what I needed to transition out of the abuse and destruction once and for all. I pray for God to bless Shaneen and keep her strong so she can continue to be a rock, not just for me but others she comes in contact with also.


New Jersey | Government Official

Before going into my life journey of an abusive relationship for 26 years, let me tell you, I was in complete denial. I never realized this was abuse and always found reasoning to the totally verbal, financial, mental, and sometimes physical abuse. By the grace of God, I accidentally came across Shaneen Megji, and it was a game-changer. Watching a few videos made me realize the pattern and the warning signs, and the ups and downs day in and out, which resonated with my life. The great thing about coaching with Shaneen is that it has a fourth dimension of spiritual Christian guidance which I did not get from anyone else. And this Christian guidance is very, very important for me. It has helped me pray more fervently and seeks God’s guidance in every small decision I take now. 

Before I started coaching with Shaneen, I felt like lost some days, but some are good days.  With Shaneen, you know there is light at the end tunnel, and so she gives you hope to move on. She is very methodical, has plans and goals, and is always an encourager. I am so thankful to Christ Jesus for giving me such a wonderful coach. I know my journey is still on, but having such a wonderful coach makes life easier.


Missouri | Operations Manager

After watching many of Shaneen's Youtube videos on dealing with narcissists, I really felt led to ask for more specific one on one help from her with the guilt I felt over going no contact with my narcissistic mom.   I loved the fact that Shaneen knew a lot about narcissism AND how to deal with it based on scripture and what God's word tells us!  

Before I reached out to Shaneen, I would have lots of feelings of guilt and shame over not having a relationship with my mother, I didn't feel I could have a relationship with her, but wanted to honor her in the way God's word tells us to.  I have been coaching with Shaneen for a couple of months now and really feel at peace with the decision I made for no contact.  After going through many scriptures and spiritual exercises with Shaneen, I have felt a tremendous breakthrough in my negative thoughts and guilt.  She not only gives great biblical advice, but she will also let you know if you need to change how you are reacting/handling certain situations.  One of my favorite things she has taught me is that God is Truth, so we should love the truth!  You can't love God and follow lies.  She has let me see that my mother is following the lies she wants to believe, therefore, is an unsafe person to be around.  I now have so much more confidence in my decision and in how I will react if anything else happens with my mom in the future!  So very blessed to have found Shaneen!


New York | Teacher

I believe that God led me to Shaneen via her YouTube videos. I appreciate her Christian perspective, her organized lessons, and her caring approach in these videos. Shaneen brings these helpful qualities to our coaching sessions. By God’s grace, I have been through seven modules with her.

   Before coaching, my life was okay but stalled. I had been in a relationship with a narcissistic man for more than three years until he dumped me like trash with stunning swiftness, thoroughness, and permanence. I knew that God had ended that relationship because I could not end it myself, but did not know how to proceed with my life. Shaneen has shown me how to use the awareness of God’s work in my life to learn more about Him and myself, and to receive healing from Him. This healing has taken place, and is continuing.

   I appreciate all parts of working with Shaneen. She truly cares and listens.  She also encourages and challenges me to persevere in the steadiness that comes from her faith in God. She has shared God’s faithfulness through sessions, emails, and prayer. God has blessed me with direction and hope through Shaneen, and He can do the same for those who seek His healing by working with her.


Life Coach | Illinois

I met Shaneen at a conference. She shared her story with me and that she had started a YouTube channel. I watched her channel and her words spoke God’s truth into my situation and my heart. Her content enabled me to have the vocabulary to describe the trappings of narcissism and how I can seek Jesus’ peace and healing despite my feelings of abandonment and pain. I hired her as a coach in order to receive encouragement and support for my specific situation. Through her past experiences with narcissistic behaviors, God has empowered and equipped her with wisdom and insight into these maladaptive traits. She truly understands and empathizes with me as person who has endure narcissistic abuse. It is abuse! Shaneen’s synthesis of scripture and the psychological aspects of narcissism has been the missing link in understanding the ways of the tyrannical control of the pharisees and other controlling people. I now feel confident and empowered when I am in the presence of narcissistic people. These traits reside in many bosses, family members, and leaders. I know who I am in Christ. I am a daughter of the King. I am deeply valued, accepted, and worthy of having safe, healthy, caring, and loving relationships. I consider Shaneen a fellow sojourner on this journey towards heath, healing, and freedom from oppression into the abundant life Jesus has promised.


Group Coaching Participant | USA

Throughout the entire 12-week journey, I found myself holding back tears. It's truly amazing how God connected me with Shaneen, starting with her YouTube videos. I remember praying to the Lord, expressing my desire to meet her and talk to her. When we finally connected on the phone, I couldn't believe it was happening. Every week of the program, I felt God speaking deeply into my spirit, healing my brokenness. I lacked self-compassion and struggled to love myself. Though I knew God loved me, I didn't know how to fully embrace it. That's where Shaneen and the program modules came in. They helped me not only receive God's love but also learn how to give it back. Now, I find myself in a good place. My greatest takeaway from this program is discovering self-compassion and realizing my own value and importance. Despite the damage caused by the three narcissists I've encountered, this program has rejuvenated my faith and self-esteem. It has taught me that I am important, loved by God, and that I have a purpose.


Group Coaching Participant | USA

What an extraordinary blessing the modules have been for me. I've been actively using them, even as recently as now. I'm applying everything I've learned from the program. I'm determined to avoid repeating past mistakes and finding myself in unhealthy situations again. This program has truly been transformative, and I'm eagerly looking forward to continuing my journey, fully embracing and embodying the lessons I've learned. I no longer want to find myself in the troubled waters that have consumed so much of my life. Lastly, I want to express my immense gratitude for the connections I've made within this group. I value these connections and look forward to staying in touch.


Group Coaching Participant | South Africa

I have been trapped in a cycle of trauma and negativity for a long time. Words cannot adequately express how profoundly helpful the entire module has been for me. From the insightful writings to the shared experiences, every aspect has made a significant impact. I am immensely grateful for everything all the members in the group have contributed to my life - the invaluable nuggets of truth and wisdom. I have gained more than I can put into words. Each and every one of the women in the group played a part in creating a supportive and loving community. Their friendship, support, prayers, and love have been a true blessing in my life.


Group Coaching Participant | USA

Everything about this program was amazing: the modules were so informative, the scriptures were spot on, and the exercises helped me not to keep everything in my head.

The group calls were my favorite part of the program and such a Godsend! The atmosphere of transparency, gentleness, and compassion that Shaneen created allowed me to be comfortable to open up. After being left unheard in a narcissistic relationship, Shaneen’s listening and everyone being so kind and respectful were so encouraging.

While I mentally knew a lot of my issues before the program, now I understand how to deal with them in a Biblical way. I’m reassured that narcissistic behavior is not okay with God and that He sees my heart to be in the Kingdom and doesn’t judge me for my decision not to remain in an abusive marriage.

I don’t want this program to end!


Group Coaching Participant | USA

This program has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my life, leaving a significant impact on me. Each module has played a role in transforming my journey. Through this program, the Lord has helped me release my need for specific outcomes and instead enjoy the journey of getting to know Him. This part of my journey, getting to know Him better, is priceless, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It has allowed me to walk in the spirit and overcome the desires of the flesh. Rather than feeling the pressure to have everything figured out, I've learned to be present in each moment with Him. Additionally, the module on aligning new relationships held great significance for me. For a long time, I lacked meaningful connections, and being part of this group has been a tremendous blessing. Here, every woman understands without needing explanations. We can share and talk openly, fostering a sense of belonging. That level of understanding has been incredibly meaningful to me.


Group Coaching Participant | USA

When I joined the program, I was feeling very stuck and frustrated, unsure of how to move forward. This program has helped me through the forgiveness I really needed, both for the narcissist and for myself. I realized that was a crucial step for my healing. Through this process, even though I still feel a burden on my shoulders, our compassionate Lord is right there with me and has shown me a vision. I’m so excited now and full of hope! He has perfect timing.

There were so many points that Shaneen covered in the modules and exercises including things I had not even considered. These made the program very worth its value. The modules and exercises covered in the program have been eye-opening, offering insights I hadn't even considered before. The program's content was well-thought-out and easy to follow. Sometimes the journaling prompts just stared back at me, but once I started writing I wrote and wrote and wrote. It was in those moments of reflection that many "aha" moments occurred, which I may not have experienced otherwise. Personally, as a faith-filled woman, however, the spiritual aspect of the program was the best part.

Overall, this program has been incredibly valuable and enriching. The program has been totally worth it and incredibly rich!